Kilkenny T-Shirts, Hoodies & More 2024


If you need unique Kilkenny T-shirts, apparel or merchandise to support your local county in the coming weeks or months, then check out our range of Kilkenny T-shirts, Hoodies, tank tops, mugs, stickers, bags, caps, sweaters and more which are all available on a print on demand basis. These unique design items are currently not in stock but will be printed based on orders received to reduce textile waste in the industry and also to reduce environmental wastage to landfill.

Once orders are received, they will go into a production plan in the coming days and then packaged and delivered to your home hassle free from our print on demand partners across the EU and the US. The Kilkenny range includes designs for men, women and children and they are available in various sizes such as small, medium, large and double XL. There are various colour options available along with worldwide shipping from our Print on Demand supplier. All of these designs are available to men, women and children so the children designs are available in adult sizes and vice versa.

A short video demo is outlined below to give you an overview of some of the Kilkenny designs and product range so make sure to check it out when you have the time

Made in Kilkenny Quality Guaranteed


Kilkenny Cill Chainnigh T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats Marble County T-Shirt


Kilkenny Legends Born & Bred


Kilkenny Dinosaurs T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V1 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V2 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V3 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V4 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V5 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V6 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V7 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V8 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V9 T-Shirt


Kilkenny Cats V10 T-Shirt


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